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Diamond Claw® surface locks have successfully eliminated fretting (surface welding) in every application Shaftech customers have placed them in. With an installed thickness of .010"-.012" a Diamond Claw® will not significantly alter assembly spacing.

Kalitta Motorsports Pt#s D18003, D19003, & D19019


This short video illustrates the simplicity of a Diamond Claw® installation. Typical applications include flanges, clamps, collets, joints, belt drives and more. Assemblies incorporating Diamond Claw® technology benefit from an increased lifetime with decreased maintenance cost. A Diamond Claw® friction surface has a near infinite life for extended reliability.

Quality Materials

A Diamond Claw® is only as good as the sum of its parts. Diamond Claw® locks consist of precisely sized CBN (diamond) particles that are plated onto proprietary fatigue resistant steel. The uniformity of both diamond particle spacing and overall thickness insure complete contact across the entire Diamond Claw® surface. Diamonds with an exceptional hardness of 10,000 vickers are held within a plated matrix of 950 vickers. This combination of extreme hardness and toughness allow a Diamond Claw® to penetrate surfaces hardened to 65Hrc.


There is a Diamond Claw® for everybody. Whether it is a 3mm washer going into orbit or a transfer case shim intended for the futures electric flying cars Shaftech is able to produce custom geometries both small and large in one-off quantities with expedited turnaround times. Additionally, a large inventory of Diamond Claw® Surface Locks are kept in stock for most major brands of automotive and diesel engines.

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