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Chat with family or friends using the Instant Messenger or join one of the many Video Chat Rooms or create your own Private or Public room.


Upload and share all your favorite music with the community or browse and listen to the many tunes uploaded by other members.


Upload and share your favorite photos with the community or browse the many photos uploaded by other site members.


Upload and share your personal videos with the community or watch the many videos that have been uploaded by other members.

Other Features


Staying in touch with friends of the community could not be easier.

Enjoy connecting and staying in touch with your friends within the community via Internal Mail, Instant Messaging, Video Messaging and Audio and Video Chatting. 

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Enjoy the many ways of interacting with other site members.

There are so many ways of interacting with other site members via Articles, Blogs, Communities, Events, Forums and Groups, Whiteboards and more.

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